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Video Production Portfolio

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Civil War DVD Graphics
Civil WarWe have contracted to supply the graphics for a new DVD highlighting the history of the Civil War Football game between University of Oregon and Oregon State.

Look for compelling images, vivid color and easy to navigate graphics! This DVD will be available at Fred Meyer in Winter 2002.

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Shannon Bex - You Will Find The Light Video
Shannon BexBlazer Dancer Shannon Bex performed this original song on a CD for a United Way campaign to send valentines from the State of Oregon to the City of New York on Valentines Day, 2002.

Shannon is a current member of the Portland Trailblazers BlazerDancer squad. We enjoyed working with this up-and-coming superstar on this project.

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PGE Park Broadcast Graphics
PGE ParkWe have provided PGE Park with multiple video production elements: interactive CD-ROM presentations, commercial spots and on-air graphics for their television broadcasts.

Shown is a screenshot from a Thirsty Thursday commercial and Timbers: LIVE sports broadcast on FOX television.

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