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Search Engine Basics

Regardless of your site’s subject or type, your ultimate goal is targeted traffic. There are hundreds of ways to get it, and here we are going to concentrate on underlying concepts and first steps to getting your traffic going.

  1. Research Your Keywords
    Using tools like WordTracker or Overture, you can find out how people look for businesses like yours. Write these down and keep them in mind. Try to think of alternative phrasings or spellings that aren’t obvious.
  2. Modify Your Site
    The heart of the process is making your site relevant to the searches that people are doing. If your content is relevant to a search, it is in the search engine’s best interest to rank you higher, and the more relevant your content is, the higher you’ll eventually be. So work on your content and organization. Separate your content based on the keywords you’re targeting, and make sure those keywords appear in your copy.
  3. Link and Refine
    Now that your site is ready, you need to begin looking for sites that will provide your site with incoming links. The more incoming links you have, the higher you will rank in general. As you improve, concentrate on the methods that work and reduce those that don’t. So be patient, the process is a long one.

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