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Hiring a Web Design Company

While it is always difficult to be sure whether a web design firm is right for your company, there are several simple steps you can take to rule out complete disasters.

  1. Learn What You Want
    I say learn, because it does take a little homework to get a feel for what direction you’d like your web presence to take. Write down your initial ideas, and then spend some time looking through the web sites of your competitors. What do you like that they do? What could you see being better?
  2. Decide on Your Goals
    From your research and thought, you should have some idea of the purpose of your web site, and its place within your business. When you talk to a web design firm, you will be better of with some goals in mind other than just getting a website.
  3. Approach Potential Firms
    Ask around, check the yellow pages, and start calling. Often you’ll be able to trim down the list of potential web site design firms from one phone call. You’ll be working closely with these people, so trust and rapport are very important. By now you should know what you want, so communicate it to them and see how they approach it.

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